Writing For A Purpose

Writing For A Purpose (Link to presentation)

Writing for a purpose is an important skill and in KS2 a small group from Year 5 (now Y6) looked for a project in which to promote and expand their writing skills. We choose to use Power Point as our platform and use animations to improve presentation.

Mr Worthington sent Mrs Ridge an email about a school based project was being run by the council to promote The Deal.

The Deal is a commitment between the people of Wigan and the Council to look after their local area. Taking responsibility for the local environment and bringing back civic pride.

The children were concerned about the amount of litter and graffiti around the school and their homes. We decided to take this as our project and use our skills to promote public awareness to the problem.

For the next 5 months the children gave up lunch times to become detectives and we worked together photographing litter and graffiti around the local area. They used their research skills to provide information on how to recycle waste and who to contact with problems or complaints.

In the weeks that followed the children had to learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation: we discussed animations and hyperlinks.

I am sure that you will agree that they had produced a fantastic, informative presentation. I am very proud of their efforts.

Well done Team.  Mrs Ridge.

….But we are not finished yet.