Eco Topics Covered in School



To help combat litter in the school grounds we have a litter picking rota. Each class takes turns on a weekly basis to clear the grounds of rubbish, members of staff take notice of which child seems to be collecting the most rubbish and they are awarded a Litter Picker of the Week certificate in our weekly Celebration Assembly.

We conduct a yearly litter survey to find out what the children think litter is and if they understand the damage litter is doing to our environment.

In the past the Year 2 class were involved in the Clean Up Wigan Campaign. They walked to Alexandra Park and spent the day litter picking.



In school we promote the three R's this means Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

Each classroom has a paper recycling bin as well as a scrap paper box which the children use when they want to draw or write during wet playtime.

The school has taken part in Frocks into Footballs. The children brought in their unwanted clothes, bedding, curtains and shoes which was then weighed in, saving 280 kilograms of textiles being sent to landfill. The school was then awarded points to exchange for new sports equipment.




In school we try to save as much energy as we can. One of the Year 6 children takes weekly gas and electric meter readings supervised by the caretaker. These readings are then analysed and the children work out why some weeks more energy has been used and why.

Year 5  children work as spotters for the Green Boot award which is presented in assembly. Year 5 make unannounced spot checks during the week. The Green Boot is awarded for electricity saving by lights off, monitors off and projectors off.




Y5/Y4 children make weekly water/tap toilet checks and interview staff on problems and feedback to the catertaker. In the toilets we have push on taps which help save water as they can't be left running also in the adult toilets Hippos have been fitted in the cisterns to save water when flushing the toilet.




On our school field we have created a woodland area which we have developed a nature trail and wildlife area. We also have a Bug Hotel which some of the Year 2 children built, this is where the children can go and investigate insects in their natural habit.




We have a secure cycle storage area for children who wish to come to school on their bike or scooter, we request that the children wear safety helmets to avoid any head injuries on their journey way to and from school.



Healthy Living


We have continued healthy food at dinnertime and playtime. Free fruit is provided for the Keystage 1 children. There is exercise at the beginning of school for Year 1 and Year 2. The PE programme is recorded also clubs and outside exercise is logged.

The children also participate in Health Week where they take turns in fun activities learning about what they need to be doing and eating to stay fit and healthy.


School Grounds


On the school field we have our allotments which the eco committee look after and grow different types of fuit and vegetables.

Mr Buxton from the Conservationist Volunteers comes into school regularly to help out and show the children how to care for the plants they are growing. He also helps to maintain our willow tree house which the children play in.

There are also planters in the playground which the children plant flowers in and care for them.


Global Perspectives


We are linked with local schools for initiatives and ideas. The eco committee attend the Local to Global Conference which is held at Hawkley Hall High School each year. The children get to talk about their experiences of eco and speakers from Keep Britain Tidy and other organisations run small workshops for the children to participate in.

The eco committee have also been involved in the Sky Rainforest Rescue Challenge where they have been learning about the destruction of the rainforest and what we need to be doing to protect the trees and animals there. They have won a camcorder for all their hard work and the committee also sponsors a jaguar and an acre of the rainforest.