Eco Representatives 2019/2020


                     Year One                  Year Two                 Year Three

                 Alyssa & Archie       Phoebe N & Jacob I        Sadie & Jake

                     Year Four                  Year Five                 Year Six 

                 Cameron & Ava         Aiden & Emma       Angel & Connor H-W    

The Worsley Mesnes Pledge-hog

We began our new school year learning about sustainability and the importance of looking after our environment.  Each year group discussed some of the changes they could make to keep our environment clean, healthy and safe to live in.

Our children and staff have all made a 'pledge' to make a change that will help us to be more sustainable.  Our Eco Representatives collected all the pledges and some have been used to create our very own Eco Mascot the 'Worsley Mesnes Pledge-hog'.

On Thursday 16th January, Allison from Wigan Council came and delivered a special assembly on the importance of recycling. She brought with her two special guests, Eco Warrior and Scoop the dog.

During Spring term children in Year 2 made Spring baskets using recycled plastic milk cartons from home.  The children were very proud of their beautiful baskets and filled them with lots of lovely things.