The Worsley Mesnes Way: Our Visions And Values

“The Worsley Mesnes Way is a special way for me.

The Worsley Mesnes Way is the whole school, how the children act, our rules, the school values and even the teachers.

Without everybody and everything, the Worsley Mesnes Way wouldn’t exist.”  Year 6 Pupil


We aim to “Learn like Champions” and we promote:



Do even better than your best.

It’s greater than you even imagined you could do.



Be caring and loyal.

Friends are always there for you when you need them.



Treat people fairly and difference is good – it doesn’t matter about size, shape, looks and beliefs. Treat every living creature equally from the miniature ant to the proud lion.



Never give up.

If you get knocked back, you get back up.



Treat people the way you want to be treated. 

Celebrate the differences!



Just do it even if you are scared.

Everyone has fears – If you face them, they will shrink away.



Reach for the stars.

Not only will you be inspired but you will inspire others!