Important Information Update - Phased return to school


15th June 2020



If you or your child feel unwell then please do not come to school

If anyone in your household is experiencing any COVID 19 symptoms or they are diagnosed with COVID-19, then you must not bring your child to school and your child must remain away from school for a minimum of 14 days.

Any staff or pupil who displays any fever symptom whilst at school will be required to self-isolate from others and leave school immediately.


  • Parents will be informed that if a child or staff member of their child’s bubble has symptoms that require testing, the bubble will close until either:

 Negative Covid 19 test results are received and sent to school


14 days have passed from the receipt of a positive test or from the bubble being closed and  no test results shared with school


  • All children over the age of five now have access to a COVID-19 test if they display the symptoms of coronavirus and are encouraged to get tested. Children should then self-isolate for 7 days and their fellow household members should self-isolate for 14 days.
  • The final decision to send a child/ adult home will be with members of the school senior leadership team.




 Variances to WM Behaviour Policy Covid 19 - Website Policies


We will be very mindful of the need to support our pupils with their transition back to school, providing clear guidance on the changes to school routines, and frequent reminders of our expectations in an age appropriate way. We will take into account the possible impact of the virus and lockdown on pupils in the event of considering any sanctions

  • If a pupil willfully ignores or refuses to follow instructions relating to social distancing between class bubbles then the child will immediately be moved to a separate area.
  • The parents may be called to collect the child. A member of the senior leadership team will discuss with parents whether it is possible to keep the child safe in school during the period of social distancing. If the school’s senior leadership decides that it cannot keep the child safe and/or other children/adults may be put at risk by the child attending, then parents should expect that their child will not be able to attend school during this time. If necessary, the school will exclude the child.
  • In an extreme case where restraint is needed, this will be carried out by trained staff members, wearing PPE if possible. Parents will be called to take the child home. There will be a discussion with parents and a member of the Senior Leadership team as to whether it is safe for the child to be in school – considering the needs of the child, other children and adults. If necessary, the school will exclude the child.