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Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School

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Art & Design Curriculum Leader - Mrs J Southern


The central intention of the Art curriculum, is to enable our pupils to demonstrate individual interpretation, freedom of expression and develop their creative ability. We concentrate our curriculum on developing technical skills, through a range of media, to bring our pupils to their full potential whilst developing confidence, value and pleasure in Art and Design - recognising the contributions made by craft workers and designers from many cultures. Ultimately, we want our children to gain knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live by exploring the world first hand, using their senses and experimentation. 


The teaching and implementation of the Art and Design curriculum at Worsley Mesnes Primary School is based on the National curriculum and the EYFS expressive arts and design objectives. This is supported from Y1 upwards, using the Plan Bee scheme: a well-structured, differentiated approach that ensures our children have opportunities to develop the skills progressively with different media. The work of local, national and international artists is regularly explored to enhance children’s learning. The bi-annual WOWS art festival event gives children the opportunity to work collaboratively and gives our talented artists a chance to shine. Further experiential opportunities are given through visiting artists and workshops, trips to museums and theatres, outdoor learning, competitions and supporting art in the community. 

Early Years art is accessed through the Early Learning Goals linked to the specific area- Expressive Art & Design.                         This is taught through continuous provision.  

Y1-Y6 units  

In addition to the units outlined above, the start of each half term, across school, incorporates some extra time for cross-curricular art through history and geography topic days. These activities are used to ‘hook’ children into the topic, whilst developing their arts and crafts skills. 

Assessment descriptions for art skills can be found at the end of each Plan Bee unit. Teacher assessments (TA) are made from a variety of sources but we evidence most learning from observation in lessons and from work in children’s sketch books. TA data is inputted into our school data tracking system bi-annually at February half term and at the end of the academic year in July. 


The intended impact is for the majority of children in each year group to be working at or above the expected standards for their age. In addition to this, we want them to be inspired by art and want to learn more; be able to show progression in their subject knowledge, as well as their creativity and artistic skills; be able to discuss their learning and have key concepts embedded into their long term memory and finally to understand where their learning in art can take them into the future!