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Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School

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Geography Curriculum Leader - Mrs H Smart


The central intention of the geography curriculum, is to enable our pupils to understand the interaction of human beings with their environments at personal, local, regional, national and global scales; exploring people and environment relationships. We concentrate our curriculum on the topic, places and themes of the National Curriculum, providing them with a rich subject knowledge and age appropriate specialised geographical vocabulary that is fit for purpose in the 21st century.  We want our children to understand and learn about Worsley Mesnes, Wigan; the area in which we live, how it is changing and where it is in relation to the rest of the world. It is important for us to teach the children about climates, climate change and what human interaction has done to affect this across the globe; understanding how natural disasters affect lives and how people live in areas that are a contrasting locality, ultimately showing empathy and respect for the world around us.  


Early Years geography is accessed through the Early Learning Goals linked to the specific area ‘Understanding the World’. This is taught through continuous provision, listening to stories set in different locations, the ‘All About Me’ unit and general topic work about the world they live in.

In Y1 – Y6, geography is taught on a 2-year cycle, using the Collins Connect scheme. This scheme provides a comprehensive range of examples at different scales of locations around the world, in line with National Curriculum requirements, to illustrate key geographical concepts through an investigative, enquiry based approach. As the units are across two year groups (KS1, LKS2, UKS2), the activities are differentiated accordingly to meet the age group expectations, whilst maintaining the high expectations for subject knowledge and level of vocabulary. 

Y1-Y6 units (We are currently on Year B - 2021/2022) 

The start of each half term, across school, incorporates extra geography ‘topic’ time where the class unit is the focus in order to engage and excite the children and give them a solid subject knowledge foundation for the rest of the half term. We use cross-curricular links where possible i.e. in writing, maths, art, D&T etc. in addition to planned experiential visits and/or visitors in school. 

Assessment descriptions for each geography unit can be found at the back of the Connect scheme. Teacher assessments (TA) are made from a variety of sources but we evidence most learning in children’s books. TA data is inputted into our school data tracking system bi-annually at February half term and at the end of the academic year in July.  


The intended impact is for the majority of children in each year group to be working at or above the expected standards for their age. In addition to this, we want them to be inspired by geography and want to learn more; be able to show progression in their subject knowledge, as well as their geographical enquiry and map reading skills; be able to discuss their learning and have key concepts embedded into their long term memory and finally to understand where their learning in geography can take them into the future!