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Music Curriculum Leader - Mrs S Winnard


The central intention of the music curriculum, is to teach our pupils that music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity; we want our children to be inspired and engaged by it. We aim to provide regular opportunities to learn, apply and strengthen their musical skills of listening and appraising, composing, singing, improvising and playing a musical instrument through regular performance according to the National Curriculum content. However, we also want our children to learn about the chronology of music including different styles and traditions, developing their knowledge of a variety of composers, singers and song-writers to understand the impact they have had on the world and how music has evolved into the 21st century.


Early Years music is assessed through the Early Learning Goals linked to the specific area ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ This is taught through continuous provision, listening to music, joining in and exploring media. Children will learn to sing songs and compose music in a variety of ways using cross-curricular links and themes.

Y1-Y6 The Charanga scheme of work is used from Y1-Y6 to ensure children are exposed to different genres of music, with lots of practical opportunities to explore and develop their skills such as: rhythm, dynamics and reading musical annotation. Across school, performances mainly take part in class and whole assemblies, in addition to the wider community at certain points throughout the year, for example Christmas productions and choir singing at Westwood Lodge. Y4 participate in a wider opportunities or ‘WOPPS’ percussion project, which specifically teaches them about music from around the world. These lessons build up towards a larger performance for the children’s family at the end of every term. Following on from WOPPS in Y5, in addition to the timetabled music lesson, Wigan Music Services provide group instrumental lessons at a reduced cost to the child, for those who wish to continue. The WOWS bi-annual music festival and Wigan Music ‘Let’s Sing’ projects are another opportunity for KS2 children to perform ensemble on a much larger scale singing songs in rounds, acapella, in another language and in harmony. Whole school experiential opportunities, include visits from the local high school where their brass, rock and soul groups come to share their concert programme. At the end of the year, Worsley Mesnes Has Got Talent is an opportunity for our children (and staff!) to showcase their musical talents; this is an amazing event and is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

Assessment descriptions for each music unit can be found on the Charanga Scheme. Teacher assessments (TA) are made from observing the children during lessons, in rehearsals and performances. TA data is inputted into our school data tracking system bi-annually at February half term and at the end of the academic year in July.


The intended impact of the music curriculum is that the majority of children in each year group are working at or above the expected standards for their age. In addition to this, we want them to be inspired by music and want to learn and perform more; be able to show progression in their skills and subject knowledge. It is important for our children to be able to reflect on their performances to improve them next time, understanding where their learning in music can take them into the future!