A-Z List Of Policies

Name Policy Effective From
Accessibility Plan Autumn 2017
Able and Talented Policy  Summer 2018
Administration of Medicines Policy Spring 2019

Current Draft Wigan Admissions document


Autumn 2017
All Weather Policy Autumn 2018
Anti - Bully Policy Autumn 2017
Anti - Radicalisation Policy Summer 2018
Art and Design Policy  Spring 2016
Assessment and Feedback Policy   Summer 2019
Attendance Policy Summer 2018
Behaviour Policy Summer 2019

Charging Policy

Autumn 2017

Children Looked After Policy

Spring 2017

Children Missing During School Day 


Summer 2018
Children Missing From Education Policy Summer 2018
Collecting Children From School Policy Summer 2019
Complaints Procedure and Guidance For Parents Autumn 2018

Critical Incident and Emergency Action Plan 

Appendix C

Autumn 2017
Curriculum Policy Summer 2018
Debt Management Policy Spring 2019
Education Penalty Notice Code of Conduct Spring 2019
EYS (Early Years Stage) Policy Spring 2016
English Policy Spring 2016
Equality Scheme Policy Spring 2016
E-Safety And Acceptable Use Policy Spring 2019


General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

Data Protection Policy

GPDR - Electronic Info

Data Retention Policy

Data Breach Policy

Information Security Policy


Summer 2018 

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Spring 2019

Guidance to be given to parents on pick up times Spring 2019
Health and Safety Policy
Spring 2019
History and Geography Policy Spring 2017
Homework Policy Autumn 2016
Maths Policy Summer 2019
Mobile Phone Policy Spring 2017
Modern Foreign Language Policy Spring 2019
Monitoring and Evaluation Policy Spring 2019
Packed Lunch Policy Spring 2016
Positive Handling Policy
Summer 2018

PSHCE (Physical, Social, Health and Citizenship & Education) Policy

including SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) Strategy.

Spring 2019
Pupil Premium Grant Policy
Summer 2019
Remissions Policy Spring  2018
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Autumn 2018
School Debt Policy Summer 2019
Science Policy Summer 2018
SEND Policy Autumn 2017
Sex and Relationships Policy Summer 2018
Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions Spring 2019
Teaching and Learning Policy Spring 2019