Welcome to the Library : Our Theme for June/July is,

"An Amazing Journey Through Imaginary Places." 


Our library has changed this year. It is now a vibrant and welcoming place to come and read or share a story with a friend.

We have consulted the children about the books that they would like to see on the shelves and with the new furniture and books the children choose to spend some of their own time in the library.



Mrs Marshall is based in the library for 2 mornings a week as our librarian. She is timetabled  to support children's reading one to one and in groups including comprehension activities.

Mrs Marshall creates all the displays and creates the theme competition.

       Your librarians for this year are:

Monday: Isabel and Callum

Tuesday:  Layan and Rebekah

Wednesday: Emily and Janade

Thursday: Zak and Asligul

Friday: Mia and Alex


Your Year 6 librarians are there to help you with book choices, take out books, return books and find out information for your homework or a project.

Book Reviews

Book Competition

Reader of the Week


They are not there to tidy up after you if you use the library please tidy up after yourself. Thank you.

Year 6 children have recently appeared on the world famous Blue Peter television show as part of this

year's World Book Day celebrations. Subsequently, the Wigan Observer newspaper visited and filmed

these children in our library as a result of our appearance on the show.


An Amazing Journey Through Imaginary Worlds



Year 3 have been reading The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett as part of Guided Reading.

This has inspired children to produce

some amazing examples of creative writing. Read these amazing stories by selecting the link below.