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Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School

We Learn Like Champions


Health and safety


Fire Drills are practised every half term, and are planned to include morning and afternoon nursery children. 



For Health and Safety reasons jewellery must NOT be worn in school.  Earrings in particular can be very dangerous especially in P.E. lessons and must be removed or covered. Earrings must be removed when children go swimming. The 6 week summer break is a good time to have ears pierced as they have time to fully heal before returning to school.

Teachers cannot remove earrings for children.

 During the warmer weather children will need a sun hat for when they are out on the playground. If your child does not have a sun hat they will be asked to stay under the canopy. 

Watches may be worn from Year 2 onwards providing your child can tell the time and the watch does not have an alarm or audible signal.

 Mobile telephones are not allowed in school.


Identification Badges

All members of staff wear an identification badge with their photograph on. All visitors to school are asked to sign in and are given badges to wear that  clearly identify them as visitors in school.



Children do not need to bring money to school unless it is for a specific reason such as dinner money, trip money or fund-raising.   


Money must always be sent in an envelope or container, which is sealed and clearly labelled with child’s name, class, amount and reason for sending. Money envelopes are available from the school office.