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Illness and Medication


If your child becomes ill at school we will try to contact you.  We need to have current emergency contact numbers to enable us to do so.  Please keep the school office informed of changes of telephone numbers.

 Parents of children suffering with diarrhoea and/or vomiting are asked to keep them off school until they have fully recovered and have been completely well for two full days.


What medicines will school administer?

  • Where antibiotics that need to be taken four times per day are prescribed, we will administer one dose in school.
  • We do have provision for children who are prescribed regular medication e.g. for asthma, hay fever, migraine, etc.  Parents are required to complete the appropriate form, which can be picked up from  the school office. 
  • All medication must be clearly marked with the child’s name and handed in to the office.
  • Under no circumstances will the school administer paracetamol or non-prescribed medicines.

If your child receives a minor injury in school a registered first aider is normally available to deal with the injury.  If the injury is more serious we will contact you and, if necessary, request an ambulance.



The school doctor, nurse and dentist carry out routine inspections in school.  Parents are invited to attend medical examinations.  The school nurse checks on general health including vision, height, hearing and cleanliness of all our children. She also assists with ‘Growing Up’ lessons for children in Year 6.


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