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Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School

We Learn Like Champions


Settling into school


To help your child settle into school it would help enormously if they could do the following:

Recognise their name

Please write it with just a capital letter at the beginning and lower case for the rest eg ( Lauren not LAUREN) Please make sure that you show them where it is written inside their uniform, P.E kit, on their reading folders, lunch boxes etc.

A very important part of being in school is that they can recognise and look after their own belongings.


Dress and undress without help

Please practise:

  • Dressing and undressing themselves when they get up and when they go to bed at night.


  • Doing up buttons, zips, buckles and shoe laces.


If your child can’t fasten buckles or laces please consider shoes with Velcro fastenings or slip-on shoes as alternatives.


Express themselves, listen and follow instructions

  • Practise giving instructions and having your child follow them exactly.
  • Ask questions and check if your child understands you.
  • Expect your child to ask questions when they need information; don’t just do things for them.
  • Help your child to practise speaking clearly so that they can be understood.
  • Take turns to speak and listen.


Breakfast becomes very important once school begins; ensure your child:

  • Eats a good filling breakfast before school.
  • Eats early enough to still get to school on time.


Does your child have a regular bedtime?

Having a regular bedtime  will help your child feel secure and confident, in addition to being well rested.

  • Set a regular bedtime and stick to it!
  • Ensure your child is getting enough sleep.
  • Get your child up early enough to get to school on time.




Lunch- time.

If your child decides to bring a packed lunch please check these:

  • Can your child unwrap food in cling film?
  • Can your child open plastic pockets and packets of crisps or biscuits?
  • Can your child open any plastic containers they may use?
  • Can your child open their own lunchbox?

Please make sure packed lunches are as healthy as possible and please do not put in too much food. Any food your child doesn’t eat will be brought back home for you to see.

If your child has a school meal they will be encouraged  to cut up their own food as quickly as possible so it will help enormously if they are able to use a knife and fork properly.


Things to bring each day

Please make sure your child has the following items:

  • A book bag containing their planner, water bottle and a healthy snack for the afternoon break. (We will provide the morning snack.).
  • Their lunchbox if having a packed lunch.
  • Their dinner money if they are having a school meal.(In a green envelope available  from the office.)
  • Any inhalers to be kept in school, clearly labelled with your child’s name and dosage clearly stated.
  • Even when the weather is nice it is often a good idea to send a light weight coat with your child in case it changes over the day; remember they need to go outside for playtimes.

Your child will also need to bring their P.E. kit to school; this will remain in school and will be sent home every half term for you to wash.

Hopefully settling into school will be a smooth process but on occasions when it isn’t, please put your trust in the teachers. If they encourage you to leave your child in an upset manner it is because from experience they know they will soon calm down once you have left. (It is far more distressing for you than for them!) If you have to leave your child in this way you are always welcome to ring up school to see if they have settled once you get home or to work.