Our First Week in Reception

We have been very busy this week making new friends and exploring our new classroom. We have all had so much fun and are looking forward to a busy and fun year of learning and growing. 

Halloween Week 

 We have been,investigating how pumpkins feel, making ghostly cakes, witches potions and spells, dressing up as skeletons and witches.

We also did an experiment to see if a pumpkin floats or sinks. We were amazed to see that a pumpkin floats.

We had a fun and exciting week. 

Autumn Walk 

We have been looking at the season of Autumn. We read the book Going on a Leaf hunt.

We all put on our wellies and coats and went on a leaf hunt ourselves. 

We all saw lots of different coloured leaves and collected lots of different items which we looked at when we got back to class.

We had a great time exploring the woodland area on the school field