The Chicks Bank Holiday Weekend...


Our First Week in Reception

We have been very busy this week making new friends and exploring our new classroom. We have all had so much fun and are looking forward to a busy and fun year of learning and growing. 

Hairy Harry's Birthday

Hairy Harry will be 5! We made him birthday cards, badges, wrapped presents, made cakes  and mud pies with 1,2,3,4,5 candles and made yummy jam sandwiches for his party. Then, we had a lovely party day to celebrate with Hairy Harry. What a lovely week! 

Our Autumn Walk

We noticed that the leaves on the trees were starting to change colours. This prompted our  discussion... 'What happens during Autumn?'

We decided to go on a learning walk through school to observe the changes in the environment and record our findings. We found lots of interesting things on our walk, such as; brown and yellow leaves, red berries, fungi and even a double rainbow! 

People Who Help Us

Our topic for this term is 'People Who Help Us' and we were very lucky to have Alex's dad join us for the morning with his colleague to tell us all about being a Paramedic. They taught us what to do in an Emergency and talked to us about how they help people everyday. We then got to look inside the ambulance and sit up front while the sirens were on. It was very exciting! 

Builder's Yard

We have had lots of fun being mini builders this week. We have used a variety of construction materials to build, shape and assemble. Building was thirsty work so we decided to open our own Builder's cafe; writing orders and paying with money.

Christmas 2016

We had a very busy and festive Christmas time at school. We wrote letters to Santa, wrapped presents in the Elf workshop, made lots of lovely Christmas crafts and had a wonderful Christmas party. It was a very magical time at school!

Chinese New Year 2017

We have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year in Reception and have learned a lot about different cultures and customs. We found out which year we were born in and wrote super sentences to let everyone know. We made intricate dragon masks and beautiful Blossom tree pictures. As well as this,we enjoyed sampling different Chinese foods for our Friday snack. Yum Yum! 


For out topic 'toys' we decided that we would like to base our learning around superheroes. We had so much fun dressing up and saving people. We made our own Bat Cave to read stories in and enjoyed writing about our superhero adventures.

Pancake Day

We wrote a shopping list for Miss Tonge to get our pancake ingredients. We then worked together to add all the ingredients and make the pancake batter. Miss Tonge cooked the pancakes and then we enjoyed eating them with our favourite toppings, yum yum! 

World Book Day 2017

Here we are enjoying celebrating World Book Day 2017. We loved dressing up as our favourite characters and sharing our favourite stories. What a lovely day we had in school.