Year Five Gallery Page

Topic Week - How do volcanoes affect the lives of people on Hiemaey, Iceland?

Science - Polar Explorer

We used chromatography to identify all the colours in black ink and we looked at everyday liquids to see if they were an acid or alkali.  

ICT - Semaphores

Life Education Van

Thursday 16th November - Mark and Cookie came to visit to share their new book 'Monty and the Slobbernosserus.'

Friday 17th November - Children in Need

Tuesday 21st November - Cross Country

Thursday 23rd November - Y5 and Y6 WWII Class Assembly

Friday 1st December - Rock Fm - Mission Christmas

Friday 1st December - Stockport Air Raid Shelter

Tuesday 12th December - Georgia and Aaron performing in the drumming concert

December - Making Anderson Shelters

Christmas Party 

Last day of term - Christmas Jumper and Toy Day

Science - Thursday 18th January 2018

Testing the properties of different materials.

Maths - Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Exploring the properties of 3D shapes by using polydron nets.

Science - Thursday 25th January 2018

Testing to see whether different materials are soluble in water

WOWs Mathematics Challenge - Wednesday 7th February 2018

F.A Coaching during P.E - January/February 2018

Fazzino inspired artwork

Valentines Disco - Wednesday 14th February 2018

Mad Science - Thursday 15th February 2015

Topic Week

World Book Day - Thursday 1st March 2018

Haigh Hall Trip

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Sport Relief

Friday 23rd March 2018

Retelling the story of the Trojan Horse

Monday 4th June 2018