Spring Term

World Book Day

On Wednesday 28th February, we visited Wigan Life museum to learn about Ancient Egypt. After sharing our prior knowledge with Jenny and Maxine, in the discovery room, we then took part in three activities. We decoded some hieroglyphics, became archaeologists and dug for ancient objects and explored the artefacts while completing a fact sheet.

Topic Week - Megacities

We returned to school after the Christmas break to a fun packed week learning all about Megacities - a city that has a population of 10 million people or more. We learned all about the top ten megacities in the world. In maths, we calculated the amount of people that live in these megacities per square kilometre and discussed how this relates to living conditions compared to ourselves here in Wigan. In Computing we typed this data onto an Excel spreadsheet and then created a bar graph to represent the data. In English, we created a PowerPoint presentation about Brasilia and then became news reporters and reported our information to the rest of the class. You can see us in action below.

Autumn Term

Design & Technology 

In Design & Technology, we looked at art work by William Morris and designed our own print using cardboard, string and metallic paint. After we printed our design onto material, we sewed the material together and attached ribbon to make our draw string bags. Next we cut out, sewed together, stuffed and added our own personal touch to our teddy bears. 

Trip to Chester Zoo 

A fun day was had by all when we visited Chester Zoo with Year 3 on the 31st October. We got to see lots of different animals, ride on a boat and visit the Tropical Realm area to see some of the animals we had learnt about when studying the Amazon Rainforest earlier this term. The only disappointment was the penguin enclosure was closed for refurbishment meaning Percy didn't get to see his friends.