Year Two Gallery Page



In Year 2 we have different areas that the children can access to further their learning. They are linked to different areas of the curriculum. Some examples are the Geography area, Science zone, Role Play, ICT (Mathletics), Writing area, spelling games and Construction area. Please have a look at the pictures to see what fantastic work your children have been doing. 


Tesco visit- Farm to Fork.


Trip to Eureka


Bear adventure to Haigh Hall.



Claude Monet inspired art work based on a scene from Haigh Hall.




Making marmalade and jam sandwiches for Paddington Bear. 

World Book Day 2017.

Christmas fun. 



Christmas experience at St Paul's Church.

Visit to the local Mosque.



In maths we have been learning about Graphs. In particular we were learning about tally charts, block graphs and pictograms. We had a lot of fun collecting our data and turning it into a graph. We have also answered a lot of questions from data collected and asked our own questions too.

Monty and Mark came to visit us in school to teach us about Remembrance Day. The children were all really enthusiastic and learnt the importance and significance of wearing poppies. They also enjoyed seeing Monty the dog.


 In maths we have been learning about weight. We enjoyed using scales to weigh out ingredients to make flapjacks.They were delicious. 


In science we have been learning about habitats. This was a great opportunity for the children to get out into the outdoor learning environment and see which mini beast were living in our school grounds. The children really enjoyed exploring and observing the creatures they found. 




Our next experiment in October was investigating solids and liquids. 



During the first term back at school our science topic was Materials. The children enjoyed investigating the different properties and making predictions. The children also learnt material names, uses and we also discussed natural and man made materials. 



Part of our PSHE topic was to discuss 'belonging' and what it meant to us. We discussed lots of different groups we belong to such as family groups, sporting groups and religious groups as well as the groups we are part of in school. Linked to this topic we also invited Y1 to our classroom to help make them feel like they belong to the KS1 corridor having just moved up from Reception. We enjoyed getting to know them and making them feel welcome. 

Our topic this term was 'Africa'. We have looked in a lot of detail at different areas of Africa but we have focused on Ancient Egypt. We started our first day back by dressing up as mini Egyptians and we learnt an Egyptian dance. We have also looked at Egyptian stories and then created our own and we have learnt about the River Nile. I have been really pleased with how enthusiastic the children have been. We even designed and created our own mud huts out of clay and discussed how Ancient Egyptians lived different lives to ourselves.