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Worsley Mesnes Community Primary School

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Governing Body Information 2019-2020

Dates of Governing Body Meetings 2019--2020

14th October 2019

9th December 2019

10th February 2020

30th March 2020

18th May 2020

13th July 2020

Governing Body Composition


Type Of Governor Number
Head Teacher 1
Staff 1
Local Authority 1
Parent 2
Co-opted 3
Vacancies (Co-opted) 4


Current Governors


Name of
Type of Governor Term of Office Appointing
Start End
Mr David Worthington Head Teacher  14/02/14 N/A N/A
Mrs Kathryn Atherton Local Authority 13/03/17 11/03/21 Nominated by Wigan
Council and appointed by 
the Governing Body
Mrs Alison Davies Staff  25/09/17 23/09/21 Elected by staff
Mr John Mason Co-opted  14/07/15 13/07/19 Appointed by the
Governing Body
Mr Karl Thurogood Co-opted 11/02/2019 10/02/2023 Appointed by the
Governing Body
Miss Janet Ainscough Co-opted  14/07/15 13/07/19 Appointed by the
Governing Body
Mr Colin Watts Co-opted 04/12/17 03/12/21 Appointed by the
Governing Body 
Mr John Tabern Co-opted 21/05/2018 20/05/2022 Appointed by the
Governing Body
Mrs Bev Collier-Nelson Parent Governor 14/10/19  14/10/23 Elected by parents/carers
Mrs Sara Donnelly Parent Governor 14/10/19  14/10/23 Elected by parents/carers


Governors Who Have Left In The Last 12 Months

Name Of Governor End Of Term Date
Eve Parks

Term of Office 28/11/2016 to 10/06/2019

Adam Francis

Term of Office 14/07/15 to 15/10/2018 

Nathan Jones Term of office to 7/5/19

Committee Memberships


Name Asset Committee
To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding finance, personnel and health and safety
Curriculum Committee
To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding standards in school and the curriculum
Pay Committee*
To make decisions about performance related pay for teachers and the headteacher

David Worthington

Member Member Member
Alison Davies Member Member
John Mason Member Member Member
Janet Ainscough Member Member  
Colin Watts Member Member   
Kathryn Atherton Member Member 
Karl Thurogood Member Member Member
John Tabern Member Member Member
Mrs Bev Collier-Nelson Member Member  
Mrs Sara Donnelly Member Member


*Pay Committee:

Three Governors to be drawn from the total membership.

Ad-Hoc Committees:

To be selected alphabetically as and when required.


Governors With Specific Roles / Responsibilities



Chair of Governors John Mason
Vice Chair of Governors Kathryn Atherton
Child Protection / Safeguarding Governor John Mason
Pupil Premium Governor Colin Watts
Link Governor Janet Ainscough
SEND Governor TBA
Children Looked After John Tabern
Heath and Safety Governor Karl Thurogood
Performance Management
John Mason
Subject Development Governor TBA
Early Years Governor Janet Ainscough
Maths Governor  John Mason
Literacy Governor Kathryn Atherton

Register Of Interests

Name Details of Personal or Pecuniary Interest

Governance Roles

in other schools

David Worthington ~ None ~ ~ None ~
Kathryn Atherton ~ None ~ ~ None ~
Colin Watts ~ None ~ ~ None ~
John Tabern ~ None ~ ~ None ~
Alison Davies ~ None ~ ~ None ~
John Mason ~ None ~ Hope School and College
Karl Thurogood ~ None ~ ~ None ~
Janet Ainscough ~ None ~ ~ None ~

Governors Attendance Record

2019 -2020

2018  2019