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Nursery Gallery Page

Spring Term Photos

People Who Help Us

 We have been learning about all the different people who help  us. We talked about the different people who help us at home, at school, keep us safe and keep us healthy. We talked about the emergency services and the importance of eating a healthy diet. 

Our first few weeks back after Christmas - Antarctica and Arctic

 So far this term we have been learning about Antarctica and Arctic. We read the Emperors Egg and Blue Penguin, made 2d shape penguins, danced like penguins and developed our fine motor skills with finger paints. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about The Arctic and Polar Bears.

Autumn Term Photos

Our first week in Nursery 

The children have enjoyed their first week in nursery exploring the indoor and outdoor environment. 

Continuous snack

This week the children have started to become more independent by serving their own snack. The children are learning the routine by moving their picture to show they have had snack, wash their hands, pour their own drinks, chose fruit and once they have finished wash up their cup. They have been stars

All About Me

This term our topic has been 'All About Me'. We looked at ourselves in mirrors to create self portraits, talked about the people in our family and why they are important to us, what we like and dislike and talked about our bodies.


 This week we have started to look at Autumn. We talked about what happens in Autumn, went on an Autumn walk to spot signs of Autumn and used our fine motor skills to reveal Autumn pictures. We also started to read the story 'Leaf Man' and created our own lollypop stick Leaf Men.


Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed their Halloween fun day today. We talked about Halloween and investigated our pumpkins. We talked about what we could see on the outside and how it felt. We then cut the top off the pumpkin and talked about what we could see the seeds and how it felt to touch it.

 We also explored the different textures in our Halloween tray. We had fingers (plum tomatoes), toes (baked beans), eyes (mushy peas), worms (spaghetti), blood (tomato ketchup) and jelly.

Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance Day

 We have been learning all about Bonfire Night, Diwali and Remembrance Day. We have created firework pictures using pipe cleaners, explored movements when listening to firework sounds, learnt about why people celebrate Diwali and how they prepare and we create finger painting poppies for Remembrance Day.