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Pupil Premium Grant

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Pupil Premium Grant is funding that the school receives for any child who is claiming Free School Meals or who has claimed Free School Meals in the previous six years. So when a child claims Free School Meals in Reception, the school receives Pupil Premium Grant funding for 6 years i.e. until Year 6.

The additional funding is provided because, nationally as a group, children who have been eligible for Free School Meals do not achieve as well as other children.

At Worsley Mesnes Primary School the gap between children who are eligible for Pupil Premium Grant and other children has closed in almost all areas which bucks the national trend.

This is what our Ofsted report said:

“Pupils supported through the pupil premium achieve equally as well as their peers in school.”

 It is also documented in the first and second  Inclusion Quality Mark Award reports:

“Pupils achieve very well at the school and the school works very hard to ensure they are continually improving. Progress is rigorously monitored and individual targets are set for all pupils.  A thorough tracking system ensures that pupils who are not progressing are targeted for a range of different interventions according to need." 

 "Evidence from the whole school data demonstrates that the gap between PPG children is diminishing and that progress of boys, especially in writing is increasing. This is without doubt, a result of the dedication and commitment of all staff."

The school decides where funding is best allocated to raise attainment for the children and “to narrow the gap”. We recognise that not all students who receive Free School Meals will be socially disadvantaged in the same ways. We also recognise that not all students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are registered for or qualify for Free School Meals. We therefore allocate the funding to support groups of students we have identified as being disadvantage or vulnerable.

 The funding is allocated for our P.E. leader, additional support staff and teachers, intervention groups, resources, pastoral support and a variety of measures. We continually evaluate the quality of provision for all groups of children in our school.

Children who have claimed and are eligible for Pupil Premium Grant will pay a reduced amount for most school events and trips. This is why different amounts are requested for school trips for different groups of children.


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